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5 freelancing mistakes and how to avoid them

Don’t Make These 5 Freelancing Mistakes

freelancing mistakesWe have to admit that a lot of freelancing careers end in a disaster due to mistakes. Mistakes do happen and you can chalk it up to experience.
However, mistakes that happen often should never happen again. In fact there are common freelancing mistakes that freelancers do that cost them their jobs. Don’t fall for the common pitfalls and learn from experience. Here are some common freelancing mistakes that you should be avoiding and some business tips to help with that.

Working for free

Okay, it is a great idea to have some trial periods where you are going to work for free for a short period of time. To some, this is an excellent way to prove to potential clients your worth and expertise. After all, if you hit this lucrative client, it is your ticket to the majors. However, working for free actually devalues your efforts and you are exposing yourself to people that will take advantage of your gullibility. Let’s face it. There are lots of clients that are known to get free labor. Spec work is nice but it will hurt you in the long run.

Taking every job

One of the common mistakes that a rookie freelancer makes is to take every job that they can get their hands onto. If you will take every job without taking into consideration the price, then you will end brimming up to the neck of projects with very little money to show. This will often frustrate freelancers because they end getting less money for tons of work.

Knowing your worth

Most clients don’t know how much their projects actually cost. What they do know is that they want to get more bang for their buck. That is why never stoop down just to please your clients fancy of getting lower prices and high quality. It is up to you to determine if the client can actually afford your services or not. Just don’t lower your bang just to meet the client’s buck. Employ some good negotiation strategies and avoid this pitfall.

Meet your taxes

If you wait until the end of March to scamper in doing your taxes then you are in deep trouble. Start by keeping track of your accounts, income and expenses. Consider paying quarterly taxes which can save you on fees and also gives you an allowance to take small cash out from your pocket,
instead of a huge stash of cash come mid-April.

Always have a contract

People can be so trusting but in the world of freelancing, trust could be fatal. Always cover your behind with a solid contract so you can fall back to it once things go awry. A contract is your guarantee that your effort will not go to waste and also a protection for the customer to get their money’s worth.

Freelancing is a rewarding and less stressful way of earning money. It is best to put your best foot forward in order to get that coveted contract. Learning what are the common mistakes will increase your chances of winning clients and perhaps add some more.

This was a post written by Miranda. To find more of her work, visit her website at HowMuchIsIt. Here, you can find out what thousands of things cost such as pets, animals, services and so much more.
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