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20 design and branding agencies worth following on Twitter

20 design and branding agencies worth following on TwitterI follow a lot of people across my personal Twitter and the Twitter feed, sometimes you can get lost in the myriad of brilliance and also of mediocrity out there so I thought I’d take an hour or so and put together the 20 design and branding agencies worth following on Twitter

Let me know if there are any more that you think should have been added in the comments below.

1. Sterling Brands

One of my favourite agencies. Sterling Brands, based in Manhattan, work on some of the world’s greatest brands to not only redefine them and their category but also to refresh they pack and identity as a whole. Debbie Millman, one of their VPs, posts regular visual essays and Design Matter podcasts. Their brand management is worth knowing about.


02. Blue Marlin Brand Design

A little biased here as I worked with the New York studio of BM to implement their social strategy but it has really been ramped up in the last few months. Great finds, great insight in brand strategy and awesome packaging design.


03. Engine Service Design

I love these guys. Have worked with them for the last year and they are amongst the smartest people I have ever worked with. Everyone has a fascinating side project or PHD or design project on the go as well as working damned hard.


04. Wolff Olins

Lots of different people malt up their twittersphere, chipping in unique viewpoints from all over the world about innovation and brand building.


05. Blitz

These guys are awesome. Aside from following them, check out their website, everything about it is great from their people page to their projects and process pages… just wow. Even their personalised shortlink URL is quirky.


06. Wieden+Kennedy London

They say: An independent, creatively-led communications agency. We exist to create strong, provocative relationships between good companies and their customers.


07. JWT

Fantastic marketing communications consultancy that challenges established thinking and researches, produces and publishes frankly addictive trend reports that really make you think and make you instantly smarter!


08. Droga5

Lovely agency, the tweet embedded below is exactly why. They care about their people and celebrate with them. Have been doing some great work with Coke Zero recently too. Keep it up guys.


09. BBH Labs

In their words: Marketing skunkworks | Innovation & new models for marketing & for creative businesses | Part of BBH.


10. Jack Morton

All about brand creating great brand experiences as well as showcasing some of the best campaigns and insights around – their recent series of tweets about presentations they have crafted are worth taking a look.


11. We Are Social

I love how they talk about themselves… a global conversation agency. Great insight, both from them and from third party links. One to keep you up to date with all things social.


12. Studio Output

UK-based creative agency that focusses on ideas and innovation with some cool clients – always active with exhibitions and shows. Interesting people.


13. Huge

Intriguing, varied content that delivers on their core competencies of research,
strategy, design, marketing and technology.


14. Ogilvy

Very active twitter feed covering all things advertising, good source of job lists and also intriguing insight into how they think about and treat consumers through clever advertising.


15. Landor

Nice, active Twitter feed here bringing insightful blogs and customer needs-driven responses to real world problems. More pure branding than design, definitely worth a follow.


16. Interbrand

One of the biggest and the best agencies on the planet, consistently great work, consistently powerful insight unearthing and consistently curious. One of my most highly regarded career mentors (Rob Palermo) is ex-Interbrand, great mind, great guy.


17. Pentagram

The world’s largest independent design consultancy, tweeting all things design. They are great at sharing and not shouting about themselves too much – nice work guys.


18. The Neighbourhood

Manchester based agency doing interesting work and centring all they do around great storytelling. Love their tone of voice and graphic style.


19. Leo Burnett

Great agency that tweets all kinds of interesting links and insight. They win a lot of awards and have quite a few little side projects such as LB Sidenotes to keep you interested.


20. GD | Inspires

Didn’t see it coming? Really? I had to shove a quick plug for my strategic design consultancy. Whilst it does not have a dedicated Twitter feed, between my personal one and the one you will be kept up to date with all things design, strategy and innovation.


Are there and other design and branding agencies worth following on Twitter to keep up to date and keep the mind fresh?

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